Private Lessons

Private 'Social' Dance Training with Cal or Jan Specializing in CCL (Connection Communication Language)

Modeled from the concept of a physical personal trainer, western social dance training pushes you to operate at the limits of your abilities & stay challenged this is a customized training program to fit your specific individual needs & emphasizes a lot of dancing with accomplished dancers. Designed to develop 'muscle memory' & connection communication (which is essential for social dancing at any level).

Cost for a month long personal training program: $100/person. (Note:  pre-payment locks in time-slots.)

The personal training program includes 4-one on one private training sessions (in weekly one hour increments) coupled with free  weekly social dance practice outings. 'Fast-Trac' your social dance learning & friendships with other accomplished social dancers.

  • You are encouraged to suggest your own music. We have a huge selection of music suitable for many styles of dance, however, it becomes more personal when you choose the music that you love.

  • We have a no refund policy - but we will accommodate rescheduling with a 48 hour advance heads-up phone call or text (rescheduling based on time-slot availability).

Contact Callaway (602-339-1946) or  Jan (602-339-0118)

E-mail - Cal Callaway