​" We would like to express our satisfaction and surprise with our involvement in your Western Social Dance Class. Since beginning this past December, both Barbara and I have become comfortable in 8 dances, steps of which we were unfamiliar.
We are a couple of basic beginners who you have taken under your wing and have shown much patience in transforming our four left feet into a sense of confidence on the local dance floors.
We have found you to be exceptional and professional instructors who are able to relate to the individual needs of all those within the class. Although we are at the fundamental level, your extensive knowledge of dance forms, patterns, and also song construction, not to mention your music library, have allowed us to learn at our own pace and without pressure. Your classes are filled with practice and new materials. They are fun.
When we began, we had no idea of what we didn't know, and are now beginning to observe through your demonstration, how much there is to learn. The entire experience with the Western Social Dance Class has been enjoyable, rewarding and we are delighted with the instruction and instructors. "

Jeff & Barbara Backaric

"​Love the way you teach. We've learned so much and so quickly!"

Brian & Rosalie Ross

​"We are Patrick and Thuthi Kohls. We live in Fairbanks, Alaska, and winter in Eloy, AZ. This winter, we met Cal & Jan at the Tumbleweed in Eloy, AZ. They invited us to come to their workshop. Since then, we come to their class at the Blackbox regularly. We really enjoy learning from them. We have learned the Progressinve 2 step, AZ 2 step, Cha Cha, West coast Swing and Waltz. Cal and Jan are great instructors! We have improved our dancing so much with their teaching techniques and have made lots of new friends. They are fun to learn from and so patient. We highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn to dance"

Patrick & Thuthi Kohls

"My husband and I have taken dance lessons over the years.  We enjoy dancing but have found that we have retained very little of what we had learned. This year we met Cal and Jan. Their teaching style is so comfortable and supportive, it has helped us to not only learn but more importantly retain the dance knowledge. Cal and Jan make great strides to dance with each participant individually so that we actually get the "feeling" of how it's done correctly which helps build our "muscle memory". The atmosphere is always friendly, social and highly conducive for learning. Another great feature is practice sessions through the rest of the week, giving students a chance to dance in public while being surrounded and supported by friends. We hope to continue with them until they kick us out!"

Geri & Butch Finnegan

​"Whether looking for quality dance instruction or a class act approach to social events, Callaway and Jan are the versatile event planners for any occasion. Always a Winner!"

Dave Kiepe, Gen Mgr.
The Rockin' Horse
Scottsdale, Arizona

​"Cal and Jan have a fun and easy approach to teaching based on fundamental building blocks and it is reinforced by their video notebook. This video is one of the best teaching aids I've ever seen because it allows you to review all class material whenever and as often as you like!"

Mike Barnett
PGA Golf Professional